Our first soft-launch of Cheryl Sim’s exhibition at the CJ Media Gallery has been really amazing to troubleshoot some of the coding glitches and work out the machinery. We’re realizing that the timing needs to be quicker for an art exhibition than the machines are used to. Thankfully, Mark Demers (of Spikenzie Labs) has been on hand to help us iron out all of the wrinkles. The boards look amazing as an installation, and see how we’ve aligned the bench like it’s a small waiting room at the end of the space?

We’re now working away at the second installation at the POPOP Gallery in the Belgo Building here in Montreal on April 1. Come see the boards in action and introduce yourselves to us? More details at:

In the meantime, for those who can’t make it to the exhibition, we’ve got Mark’s final Solari Schematics, a ‘readme’, and some of the Arduino files. If any of you are working on your own Solari board, use and build on our files for your own projects. Zipped file here: YMX_Solari_Concordia.